Election Protection

SMGOP Election Protection led by the intrepid Ms. Marjorie Baer.

See the team’s report on their efforts to monitor the election procedure for the 2021 Gubernatorial Recall election.


San Mateo County Election Office Staff did a good job running the Recall Election. A 1% Audit of the Recall Election was a success, meaning that the hand and machine ballot counts matched.

Our main concerns going forward are Signature Verification and Ballot Harvesting. Neither one can be changed on the county level or local level, but we can make our concerns known. We’ll be communicating with the Assistant Registrar of Voters about our observations and suggestions.

We are sure that Election Observation is important for us and for the Election Office Staff.

We got to know some of the staff members and saw how seriously they take their jobs We hope to work with the staff to find ways to improve the observation experience and we’ll continue to educate voters and raise their confidence level in the system.